Expert analysis of early-age cracking of slabs & tarmac

Jean Lesage International Airport Concrete Analysis

Jean-Lesage International Airport, QC

SIMCO was hired by Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City to identify the cause(s) of cracking observed on the slabs and tarmac about one year after being built in 2011. SIMCO was also asked to recommend the most cost-effective repair methods and/or appropriate protection solutions to ensure the serviceability of the slabs in the long term.

The scope of work included an on-site visual inspection of the slab, concrete core sampling for laboratory investigation purposes, and analysis of the construction documents to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective remediation strategies.

In addition to cracking problems observed, it was also found that the joints between the slabs were also damaged in many places. The joints must be sealed properly to prevent infiltration of water and debris. The infiltration of water and de-icing products between the slabs may accelerate the deterioration by creating conditions that make the concrete more vulnerable to frost in the winter. Moreover, after only one winter, relatively high spalling along the joints was observed. In addition to affecting the integrity of the slabs, fragments of concrete that become detached can be detrimental to the proper functioning of the aircrafts.

SIMCO’s materials experts provided recommendations for cost-effective maintenance and repairs as well as protection solutions required to ensure the serviceability and safety of the concrete slabs for many more years.

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Jean Lesage International Airport Concrete Analysis