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SIMCO’s durability experts can assist in the design, construction, repair and rehabilitation of concrete infrastructure

SIMCO’s concrete experts can provide technical assistance to specialized structural engineers working on the design, construction and/or repair of concrete infrastructure.

Prior to project launch, SIMCO can be called upon as an expert to revise concrete material specifications and help in the elaboration of tender documents.

When the project is in progress, SIMCO can act as a consultant to provide technical advice on specific concrete issues. SIMCO can go onsite to conduct visual inspections and elaborate testing programs to determine the causes of problems observed. Our concrete specialists can analyze all relevant construction documents to provide an expert opinion on identified issues as well as determine the most cost-effective intervention strategies.

SIMCO can also perform quality control of concrete in the context of performance specifications. For an existing structure, SIMCO’s concrete experts can inspect and characterize the concrete, as well as assess the current and future condition of the structure. SIMCO’s reports include a thorough analysis of the situation and interpretation of results.

Regardless of when SIMCO is involved in a new construction or rehabilitation project, the main objective is to provide the best possible solution at the best cost while minimizing risks.

Our Services

  • Provide technical assistance in the evaluation of materials performance for specific applications
  • Elaborate and optimize material specifications according to service-life requirements
  • Assist in the preparation of tender documents
  • Conduct visual inspections and condition assessments
  • Evaluate deterioration mechanisms affecting the structure under investigation
  • Provide troubleshooting/quality control testing onsite and in laboratory
  • Provide expert analysis and interpretation of inspection/testing results
  • Elaborate repair and maintenance programs on the basis of lifecycle cost analyses
  • Support architecture/ engineering firms in the construction, repair and rehabilitation of buildings, roads, bridges, industrial facilities, power plants, marine structures, and more