Durability Design Engineering to help our clients ensure safe, durable and sustainable infrastructure


Aging Aviation Infrastructure

A large number of airports were constructed in the early 1960s in anticipation of the jet age. Today, the average age of airports across North America is about 50 years, and although some modernization has occurred, many of these airport facilities will begin to reach the end of their useful lives in the very near future. It is becoming increasingly apparent that a substantial portion of airports will be in serious need of rehabilitation or replacement.

Runways; taxi-ways providing access to runways; aircraft parking, re-fueling or servicing aprons, hangar floors; car, bus or commercial vehicle parking areas; access roads, etc., are all important assets that need to be in good serviceable condition and safe for its multiple users, and that’s where we come in.

A comprehensive durability design engineering approach

SIMCO works with federal, state, provincial and local agencies as well as private entities around the world in predicting the potential degradation of their most important concrete assets. SIMCO provides a comprehensive and integrated approach for the development of solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and issues regarding construction or maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

SIMCO’s extensive concrete durability knowledge and know-how has assisted many different owners, contractors, and engineering/architectural firms, in assessing the condition of existing structures, in providing repair and rehabilitation strategies based on lifecycle cost analyses, and in designing concrete specifications for superior performance and optimum durability.

When it comes to the management of the complete lifecycle of concrete assets, SIMCO will combine innovative methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies at every phase of any given project, big or small, from the initial concept, through to the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation, to help our clients ensure safe, durable and sustainable infrastructure.

Our Services

  • Assist in the development of standards for performance-based designs
  • Quantify and compare the service life of design alternatives in accordance to lifecycle cost analyses
  • Validate future degradation mechanisms and environmental exposure conditions in order to specify concrete mixtures for optimum durability
  • Implement quality control protocols and procedures during construction
  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection and condition assessment to determine the residual service life of any given structure
  • Perform service-life and lifecycle cost analyses for a range of repair alternatives
  • Elaborate intervention strategies (maintenance and repair)

Featured Projects

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Mauritania Nouakchott International Airport Quality Control Concrete Construction

Nouakchott International Airport, Africa

Nouakchott International Airport, Africa

Analysis of the different construction activities, and testing programs, to ensure the durability of the concrete produced

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Jean Lesage International Airport Concrete Analysis

Jean-Lesage International Airport, QC

Jean-Lesage International Airport, QC

Concrete expert analysis regarding the causes of cracking and recommendations provided for optimum repair and protection solutions

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