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Port of Rotterdam saves 3.3 million euros between inspections because of a Proactive & predictive approach in asset management
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Panama Canal 100-year service-life specification for the third set of locks
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Development of a Concrete Degradation Risk Matrix of Hydro Power Plants in the United States
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Aviation Concrete Infrastructure Durability Design Engineering

Infrastructure Imperative – Building a Smarter Tomorrow, Conference 2018

Join Dr. Jacques Marchand, President of SIMCO, who will be [...]

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ACI – Progress in Concrete – Designing for 100 years and more

Dr. Jacques Marchand, SIMCO’s CEO, will participate as a speaker [...]

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Further develop our understanding of materials degradation and maintenance in order to provide our clients with solutions derived from the most recent advancements in materials durability sciences

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Laboratory Services

SIMCO counts on its very own state-of-the-art laboratory which is certified ISO9001:2008 and fully equipped to produce trial concrete as well as test existing materials according to all standard testing methods

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STADIUM® Technology Portfolio

STADIUM® is the only service-life prediction tool specified by the U.S. Department of Defense for the design and construction of new maritime works for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and NASA

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Sustainability Engineering

SIMCO’s team of experts can help owners and building professionals design and maintain concrete structures in a more sustainable way through proper initial mix design and adequate maintenance programs

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Litigations – Materials Expertise – Forensic Analyses

Credentialed and experienced concrete engineering professionals who have provided superior consultancy and expert witness services to owners, engineers, architects, contractors, attorneys, manufacturers, and insurance companies for over 25 years

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Materials Science and Engineering

SIMCO is dedicated to extending the service life of concrete infrastructure through the integration of advanced materials science and engineering

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Infrastructure Preservation

Leading-edge predictive technologies and methodologies used in infrastructure preservation projects, to determine the residual service life and to evaluate different repair and rehabilitation scenarios according to service-life requirements

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Inspection & Condition Assessment

SIMCO’s team of engineering specialists and experts can travel anywhere to perform on-site inspections and offer in-depth insight into the often complex problems of deteriorating concrete infrastructure

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Service-Life & Durability Design Engineering

With the use of sophisticated materials analysis techniques and leading-edge service-life predictive software, SIMCO’s service-life solutions lead to better business decisions and asset management practices for owners and managers of civil infrastructure

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