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Infrastructure Preservation

Infrastructure Preservation – A real challenge for owners and managers

When it comes to infrastructure preservation projects, owners and managers are faced with difficult decisions regarding how and when maintenance and repairs must be executed. Deterioration of structures often occurs gradually and some degradation mechanisms can remain undetected for years.

The increasing financial constraints, the growing maintenance deficit and the extensive backlog of repairs continue to challenge owners and managers from all sides as they are asked to cut costs, privatize operations, outsource responsibilities, reduce maintenance and increase efficiency. These challenges are exacerbated by the lack of usable information and knowledge relating to maintenance, repair and service-life prediction techniques to assist in making the most efficient decisions regarding inspection, maintenance, repair and reconstruction to ensure the preservation of their infrastructure.

Deferment of maintenance and lack of timely repair and rehabilitation can result in serious loss of safety and serviceability. It is therefore imperative that design methods, construction procedures, material specifications and maintenance and repair procedures be more adequately defined so that we ensure more reliable structures in the future.

Leading-edge Predictive technologies and sophisticated methodologies for infrastructure preservation projectsSTADIUM Repair & Infrastructure Preservation

SIMCO’s state-of-the-art predictive technologies and sophisticated methodologies are systematically used in infrastructure preservation projects, to determine the residual service life of existing structures and to evaluate different repair and rehabilitation scenarios on the basis of service-life extension requirements.

For infrastructure preservation projects, SIMCO’s leading-edge analysis techniques provide owners and managers with important information regarding the selection of cost-effective maintenance options to make the most out of their allocated budgets.

Used early on during an asset management process, SIMCO’s methodologies can significantly improve strategic planning of repairs and rehabilitation and total cost of ownership of all types of civil engineering structures.


  • Reduce total costs (inspection, maintenance and repair)
  • Efficiently manage assets and effectively plan capital investments for maintenance and repair activities
  • Minimize risks for stakeholders during all stages of rehabilitation projects
  • Reduce the environmental impact by recycling materials
  • Ensure reliability, serviceability, safety, and infrastructure preservation


  • Conduct comprehensive investigations and condition assessments of structures (diagnosis)
  • Determine the structure’s residual life (prognosis)
  • Provide cost-effective repair and rehabilitation alternatives
  • Compare the efficiency of different maintenance alternatives based on service-life and lifecycle cost analyses
  • Elaborate an optimized maintenance plan to extend the structure’s service life
  • Execute field and lab quality control validation tests during repair and rehabilitation