For an optimum maintenance & Repair of Concrete Infrastructure

Featured projects

  • NCDOT – Wright Memorial Bridge
  • Condition assessment & residual service-life evaluation of the Wright Memorial Bridge. Analysis results used to plan for rehabilitation/ reconstruction

  • Pulaski Skyway Substructure
  • investigation & durability analysis - Assess condition & provide repair options to extend service life by 75 years

  • St. Lawrence Seaway Locks
  • Determine the best intervention strategies to manage the risks associated to AAR that could impact proper functioning of the locks

  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Develop a technical basis for future inspections of hydro power plants based on degradation mechanisms affecting these structures and their associated risks

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STADIUM® Maintenance & Repair

STADIUM RepairThe STADIUM® Repair software package is a calculation tool designed to help extend the service-life of existing structures exposed to aggressive environments. It deals mostly with rebar corrosion-related durability problems but also accounts for other types of degradation.

The software first assesses the current state of deterioration/contamination of individual elements by matching local exposure conditions to current contamination levels. It can then simulate different maintenance scenarios involving sealer and membranes.

It can also simulate the impact of repair scenarios, where layers of contaminated materials are removed and replaced by new, uncontaminated concrete. With the use of SIMCO’s material database, different repair scenarios (different mixes, variable depths) can be tested and compared to find cost-effective solutions that meets predefined durability requirements.