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STADIUM® Mix Design

STADIUM Mix DesignThe STADIUM Mix Design software tool is a calculation spreadsheet that can be used by SIMCO’s concrete experts to optimize the packing density and workability of a wide range of mixture designs. The tool considers, for each constituent, its packing density, the grading curves and the specific gravity. 

With the use of STADIUM Mix Design, SIMCO’s concrete experts can optimize the proportions of each constituent to produce the concrete mix with the maximum packing density. Designing mixes with the maximum packing density results in higher mechanical properties, reduced shrinkage and better workability. It also provides a mix with a reduced cost by lowering its total binder content.

STADIUM Mix Design has been validated against more conventional procedures that require much more laboratory work. It thus can reduce the amount of laboratory work in order to find the optimum combination of constituents for a given type of concrete.