Appointment of Philip Sawoszczuk to the role of Business Development Manager, Existing Structures

December 5 2018

Quebec City, QC – December 3rd, 2018 – SIMCO is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Philip Sawoszczuk to the role of Business Development Manager, existing structures, for services provided to the transportation market, residential and commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Philip will be responsible for promoting the unique products and services of SIMCO and its subsidiary, Cosigma Structure for the maintenance, repair and restoration of structures. He will be involved in all aspects of the business development process, the elaboration of sales strategies, for conducting market research and analyses, in addition to participating in commercial activities and contractual negotiations.

Prior to joining SIMCO, Philip gained extensive experience in the concrete industry, having been employed by KPM Industries Ltd. for over 8 years. As a technical advisor and technical services engineer, he was responsible for responding to the needs of clients as well as assist the sales and production teams for any questions or issues related to materials engineering. More recently, as Production and Maintenance Superintendent, he was responsible for the production and maintenance planning of the Boisbriand plant, in Quebec, and he also managed a team of operators and electromechanical engineers.

“We are very pleased to welcome Philip to our business development team, says Elisabeth Reid, Executive Vice President. We are confident that Philip’s experience in materials engineering will serve our clients well in providing solutions that will optimize the maintenance and repair of their existing structures”.

“It is with great pleasure that I join SIMCO’s business development team,” says Philip. “SIMCO has proven to be a key partner for public and private infrastructure owners, providing them with tailored solutions and unparalleled services to help them improve the design of new concrete structures and optimize the maintenance, repair and restoration of existing structures. I am very pleased to be working with SIMCO and its subsidiary Cosigma Structure to provide our different markets with the tools they need to improve the quality, durability and sustainability of their structures”.

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