Appointment of Vincent Lapointe to the Role of Coordinator – Technology Transfer

October 12 2018

Quebec, Canada – October 12th 2018 – SIMCO is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Vincent Lapointe to the role of Coordinator – Technology Transfer. In this role, his main responsibilities will be to develop and manage a technical training program for all SIMCO employees, while ensuring a technical transfer with the industry, and supporting SIMCO’s certified laboratories and STADIUM® users.

Vincent has been with SIMCO for over 13 years. He worked for 10 years as a Project Engineer/Project Manager, where he developed an extensive experience in the inspection and characterization of damaged concrete structures. He has worked on numerous projects that include aspects of durability, failure analysis, premature deterioration of concrete and the development of rehabilitation strategies, especially when corrosion was involved. In addition to his regular engineering activities, he also implemented ISO 9001 at SIMCO and was responsible for its coordination for more than 7 years.

Vincent has also developed an expertise in service-life prediction and a thorough understanding of the STADIUM® software functionalities. He has developed and provided several trainings on SIMCO’s STADIUM® software products during the last 8 years. He has also helped many users and potential clients in assessing the full power of this leading-edge predictive technology. For the past 4 years, he has been active as a business development engineer responsible for the Quebec and Ontario markets, which helped him build a strong network of clients and partners with whom he will continue to work.

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