Quebec Prime Minister Philippe Couillard on Economic Mission in Chicago to promote the Quebec Maritime Strategy

October 30 2015

Mrs. Elisabeth Reid, Executive Vice President of SIMCO Technologies, was part of the Quebec delegation in Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s Economic Mission in Chicago, to promote the Quebec Maritime Strategy, from October 28th to 30th, 2015.

“The Midwest of the United States, and more specifically the city of Chicago, is a logistics platform for Quebec companies and a key hub for the maritime and rail transport networks in North America, making it a natural partner for the deployment of the first Maritime Strategy in the history of Quebec. We want to increase our trade in this sector with our American partners. This mission represents a unique opportunity to create sustainable partnerships for new investment projects that will have an positive economic impact on Quebec and its regions”, the Prime Minister said.

Several meetings took place with some of the industry’s key players during the visit to the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor, and the Illinois International Port District (AC) as well as during the reception held by the Port of Montreal in Chicago. The objective of these meetings was to establish new business relationships that would facilitate the export of their products and services as well as to develop strategic alliances and partnerships.

The delegation included the port authorities of Montreal, Quebec, Saguenay, Trois-Rivières, the Port of Valleyfield Corporation, Armateurs du St-Laurent, CargoM, CN CLD Vaudreuil-Soulanges, the Federal Marine Terminals, GMR Safety, l’Institut international de logistique de Montréal, Groupe Océan, of MtlLink, SIMCO Technologies, Techsol Marine and Valport Maritime Services.

SIMCO is actively participating in the initiative launched by the Quebec government in the implementation of the new Maritime Strategy.

The successful implementation of Quebec’s Maritime Strategy must be based on reliable and current data of existing marine structures, data that are unfortunately incomplete or unavailable. It is therefore crucial that the current condition of these structures be adequately evaluated in order to more accurately predict their future performance and anticipate the real costs of repair and maintenance interventions.

A good strategy requires a good asset management plan to ensure the safety and sustainability of maritime infrastructure. Over the years, SIMCO has developed an expertise in the management of concrete infrastructure that has been applied in Canada, the United States, and in Europe. SIMCO helps owners and managers in assessing the current condition of marine structures, in prioritizing interventions and in optimizing the management of an entire portfolio of assets.

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